12 Stunningly Classic American Cars

Get your motor running with America’s greatest old-school rides.

A jaw-dropping fleet of some of the coolest American cars to ever hit the highway are collected in a new 392-page page book,  Car Design America.

The revved-up tome covers the evolution of American car design from the earliest days through the latest concept cars, with examinations of critical contributors like General Motors’ Harley Earle and Studebaker’s Raymond Loewy.

It traces the rise and fall of the tail fin and the establishment of automotive icons Corvette, Mustang, Thunderbird, and the GTO. Car Design America, published by teNeues,  also looks under the hood at the origins of All-American muscle cars and the arrival of the SUV.

A lovingly-curated trove of 500 color and black-and-white period photographs anchors the book, including  pics of not just the coolest vintage rides, but also the groovy ’60s and ’70s-era car models who look like extras from Mad Men.

We’ve highlighted some of the greatest cars from that mighty mid-century era in this full throttle slide show. Gentlemen, start your engines.