This 1964 Corvette Stingray With a Modern 525-HP V8 Is Our New Favorite Restomod

Sheer perfection.

Photo: Ares Design

The original Stingray—the second generation Corvette launched in 1963—is one of the most visually striking American cars ever built. Its design inspiration was threefold: the contemporary Jaguar E-Type, the radical Sting Ray Racer from 1959, and a Mako shark GM chief stylist Bill Mitchell caught while deep-sea fishing. Yeah, an actual shark.

Now the Italian-based Ares Design, the geniuses behind the fire-breathing Project Panther, have gotten their hands on the iconic model. And what they’ve done is simply spectacular.

Photo: Ares Design

HiConsumption has all the gritty details:

A result of over 3,500 hours of work, this phenomenal one-off vehicle is a labor of love with its chassis being beefed up with new axles, suspension and an electric handbrake that comes from the Corvette C7, in addition to having the entire wiring loom replaced.

Stripping down the body of the vehicle to its bare shell, any noticeably worn out parts were replaced to ensure reliable functionality. Pop the hood and you’ll find a modern 6.2 litre V8 LS3 engine with 525hp that sits on turbine wheels.

Photo: Ares Design

It also has a burgundy bespoke full leather interior that looks devilishly slick and an Alpine 500w multichannel audio system with the speakers concealed in custom paneling, along with an 8” subwoofer.

Ares Design also made a sound choice in making minor modifications to the iconic exterior, keeping that classic, curvy look. If you have some deep pockets, don’t hesitate on pulling the trigger to work with Ares Design for an amazing build.

Photo: Ares Design

If there’s a sexier-looking, more mechanically able vintage Corvette out there, we sure as hell haven’t seen it. Ares hasn’t released the cost, but you can shoot them a note if you’re interested.

Photo: Ares Design