This 1964 Ferrari 250 LM Won Le Mans, Fetched $10 Million

It’s the most expensive car ever sold at auction in Arizona. 

Only in today’s booming vintage car market could a $9,625,000 sale be considered middle of the road. The sum pales in comparison to the $34 million paid for a 1962 GTO last the, but still buys you quite a Ferrari: a 1964 Ferrari 250 Le Mans, one of the earliest mid-engined Ferraris that did (unlike so many Pontiac Grand Prixs) win its eponymous race.

Like most of these high-dollar racing cars, the 250 LM has a winning, and weird, past. The car was first sold to Swiss racing team Scuderia Filipinetti and at the hands of its drivers won the Sierre Montana Crans Hill Climb and the XV Coppa Inter-Europa at the famous Monza raceway. The car was then displayed (after much polishing) at the Geneva Motor Show and sold off the stand to a private owner. Since then, the car has been completely rebodied (with the shell from a Porsche 906), reunited with its original shape (thank god), and certified by the Ferrari Classiche department.

We hope that whoever bought the car does his civic duty and keeps it in the public eye. 

Photos by RM Auctions