This 1969 Ford Mustang Boss Has Been Reborn With a Monstrous 815 HP Engine

Drive like a boss.

The restomod masters at Classic Recreations have delivered on their promise to endow Mustang Boss 429s with ungodly amounts of horsepower. 

The Yukon, Oklahoma-based builders start by restoring a 1969 Mustang body to factory condition, then give it Boss 429-flair by adding a new hood complete with the classic muscle car’s iconic scoop, front spoiler and 18-inch wheels. 

Interior upgrades include an aluminum steering wheel, custom console and 200-mph Boss 429 gauges.

The classic muscle car also boasts an massive 815-hp V8 crate engine that’s mated to a standard manual transmission. 

Oh, yeah and it comes tricked out in a menacingly murdered-out paint job called “Vengeance Black.”

As Motor Trend notes, that supercar power comes with a supercar-level price tag of $209,000—and that’s before custom options like a sub and amp, leather interior or GPS tracking device are added on. 

For the gearhead with an unbridled love for vintage ponies, it just might be worth it.