The 2019 Camaro Has a Brand New Look and Way More Tech

It’s more than just a nip and tuck.

Camaro 1LE

We’ll admit it. We’ve gotten so obsessed with fire-breathing aftermarket and retro-cool restomod versions of the Camaro that we kinda forgot about the ones coming off the line. Well, that’s no longer the case.

Chevrolet just released images and info on the 2019 model, and the Bowtie Bunch did quite a bit more than just give the ol’ girl a facelift.

Camaro RS

Let’s start with the physical changes. Chevy’s big push this year is to distinguish, looks wise, between the multiple models. To that end, the new front-end styling—dig that grille?—differs between the LS/LT, RS and SS. 

All the models feature reworked rear fascias as well, which is great considering this is the view most other motorists will have of the vehicles.

Camaro SS

The big news engine-wise is that the 4-cylinder 1LE (a configuration once considered heresy) is now turbocharged. It churns out a Camaro-worthy 275 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque and comes exclusively with a six-speed manual… which is exactly what god intended.

Finally, the new Camaro loads up on new tech. Besides a next-generation infotainment system with functionality that, according to Chevy, mimics smartphones and tablets, on offer is a rear camera mirror that actually eliminates obstructions like headrests, as well as forward collision alert. (Because you won’t want to ruin that sweet new grille by rear-ending someone.)

Camaro SS

For years, the Camaro, and American muscle cars in general, suffered the stigma of being automotive Neanderthals that could never compete—engineering, style and tech-wise—with the sophisticated offerings from Europe.

Not anymore.