The 2020 Tomcar TX Is a Menacing 4×4 With Military DNA

This ultra-tough UTV was designed by a special forces commander.

Tomcar (1)


The latest off-roader from Tomcar is here to conquer the world’s toughest terrain. 

The rugged UTV was born of a military need for a reliable vehicle that could withstand parachuted deployments. 

According to Tomcar’s website, an airborne commander created the first prototype after he and his spec-ops unit were left stranded behind enemy lines with six airdropped jeeps that were destroyed upon impact. 

Fast-forward to the Phoenix-based company’s latest release: The 2020 Tomcar TX, available in three configurations. 

The two-seat TX3 has a 120-inch wheel base and 2,700-pound payload/towing capacity. The four-seat TX4 shares the same wheel base but has a slightly lighter 2,500-pound payload/towing capacity. The two-seat TX5 is the nimblest with a 106-inch wheel base, but can still haul up to 2,600 pounds. 

All three boast a fully-welded steel frame and roll cage, four-wheel independent suspension, 17 inches of clearance, and a 1.5-liter four-cylinder that produces 107 horsepower—plenty of guts for a 4×4 that weighs between 2,600 and 2,700 pounds, depending on the selected model. 

Alternatively, a 120-hp electric powertrain is available. A hybrid range extender that adds an additional 40 hp to the total output is available on the TX3 only.


Other standard features include a winch rated for 10,000 pounds, electronic power steering, dual-fuel tank and a two-inch towing hitch. And if you really want to deck the Tomcar out, upgrades include an LED light bar, suspension seats, and an automotive windshield. 

“The 2020 models have a very unique combination of long range, high-performance for off-road, high payload, safety and durability. You will also be able to carry a 3,000-pound payload for hundreds of miles. Everything is easy to replace or has redundancies,” Ram Zarchi, CEO of Tomcar, recently told Robb Report

“And they are built on a frame that’s 100-percent proprietary with a lifetime warranty.”

The 2020 Tomcar TX is available now at a base price of $37,300