Behold, a Custom 2021 Toyota Supra That Pays Tribute To Classic 1990s-Era Sports Cars

Supra fans, rejoice.

Toyota doesn’t currently offer any open-air version of the revamped Supra, but this one-off concept has auto nuts begging for one.

The Japanese automaker unveiled the the 2021 GR Supra Sport Top at this year’s virtual SEMA event as a follow-up to the 2020 Supra Heritage Edition that debuted at the aftermarket tradeshow last year. 


Car and Driver points out that the roof-optional design pays tribute to the fourth-generation Supras of the 1990s. It has what’s a essentially a composite targa top that’s stowed in the trunk, but with one key difference—there isn’t a view-impeding center bar running perpendicular to the windshield. Instead, large sections of the frame were reinforced to ensure structural rigidity. 

As a sibling to the GR Supra Heritage Edition, the Sport Top delivers similar style cues like aggro MKIV-inspired basket handle wing and round taillights. But in coupe mode, there’s a stunning black piano-finished-canopy over the top.


When C&D asked about the plausibility of a production GR Supra Sport Top, a rep simply said it’s “just an awesome one-off concept. Nothing forward-looking to announce.” 

While Toyota stays neutral, Twitter users are gushing over the topless Supra: 

The Sport Top would be an awesome option on the the already badass 2021 Supra, which saw its largest turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six get boosted up from 335 to 382 hp for 2021. How hard can it be to make a removeable roof, anyway?