These Plane-Topping Seats Deliver a 360-Degree View

Hope you’re not afraid of heights.

SkyDeck observation seats (courtesy of Windspeed Technologies)

No matter how much legroom, tech or pampering you have in a first class cabin, you’re still stuck with a third-class view. But Windspeed Technologies’ SkyDeck aims to remedy that visual impairment, by installing fighter jet pilot-style canopies on both commercial and private jets.

Depending on the aircraft’s size and budget, one or two of these super seats could be installed, with a staircase or elevator leading up to them. Well, that’s one way to increase your “in-flight entertainment” options.

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Although the ability to simply see more sky sounds serene, we have several thoughts about how to take this concept to the next level.

1. Embed a display throughout the glass and turn it into the most immersive, ass-kickingest augmented realty shooting game ever.

2. Install a dispenser of stickers that say, “Congratulations on joining the Mile-High Club.”

3. Charge double for a night view. Seriously, how much sun and clouds do you need to see? But the stars would look amazing—and set the perfect backdrop for entries 1 and 2.

4. Make the compartment a soundproof timeout area for crying babies. Instead of just one or two passengers paying extra for the view, every other passenger on the plane would shell out for the silence.

Naturally, there are probably some other possibilities that aren’t jumping to mind at the moment. After all, when it comes to applications for these uber seats, the sky’s the limit. (Sorry). (Not really).