The $5 Million Fender-Bender With a Jaguar and Mercedes

A rare Jag and even rarer Benz got a little too cozy on the Goodwood Circuit.

Without a doubt, the best $5 million sound is a soaring concerto played on a Stradivarius. The worst? The crunch made when a one-of-one, museum-quality Mercedes 300 SLS Porter rams into a Lister-Jaguar Knobbly of a similar quality.

From Twitter: Gary Parravani @xynamic

During the Salvadori Cup, 68 year-old German racing driver Jochen Mass came up at racing speed on the Lister, which was slowing (some say had stopped completely) before heading into the pits. Both drivers were luckily unhurt, though the formerly pristine machines came away with serious, six-figure damage—the Mercedes had its famous nose crushed, and the entire frame of the Jaguar-Lister was mangled. These cars are so valuable, though, that they’re worth the restoration, and will likely be back to race the Salvadori 2017. Racecars—no matter how expensive—are meant to be driven, likely to be crashed, and bound to ride again. 

Photos by Getty Images