This '67 Mustang Is Hiding a Modern Corvette Powertrain Under Its Awesomely Retro Skin

Now this is a hybrid we can get behind.
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Mustang purists could get riled up about Kyle Scaife's small block Chevy-powered creation, but in truth, this is really a 1999 C5 Corvette wearing Mustang sheetmetal than it is a 'Stang with a Chevy heart transplant.

1967 MustangKyle SPcarphotography

It made a lot of practical sense to do it this way, considering the Canadian's ability to fabricate a steel tube frame to mount the Mustang panels atop the Corvette's chassis when a salvage Corvette became available for the same price as a new Ford engine for the Mustang.

Scaife's $6,000 bought the 'Vette's superior suspension and steering, plus the whole drivetrain and modern brakes to underpin the classic pony car's sheetmetal.

Mustang Kyle Mike Li M13_Photography

Well, at least he started with Dearborn sheetmetal, before making a slew of his own custom-fabbed mods and chopped the whole thing down to an appropriate height for the low-slung Corvette mechanicals.

Now that the conglomeration is on the road and running, Schaife tells The Drive that he's plotting installation of a turbocharger or two on the car's 5.7-liter LS1 V8 engine to bring it up to modern standards of custom car performance.

h/t: The Drive