This Custom 6x6 Range Rover Is a Luxury Superyacht Built for Land

A bespoke yacht builder created this beast.
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range rover 6x6

German yacht designer T. Fotiadis Design, perhaps tired of carmakers like Mercedes-AMG and Aston Martin treading on its territory, is going on the offensive against them with a car of its own. So they've turned their luxury skills to building an extreme stretched Range Rover that will provide that cushy land-yacht feeling.

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The Superyacht Land Tender features a second rear axle, letting this 6x6 Range Rover glide seamlessly over pavement imperfections, so there will be no unintentionally spilled champagne in this Range's back seat.

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T. Fotiadis has taken a dramatically different approach than the designers of existing 6x6 models, such as Mercedes-AMG and Hennessey Performance, who products possess incredible off-road capability. The SLT, in contrast, is meant for maximum on-road comfort.

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The company describes the vehicle's mission like this: "The Superyacht Land Tender, a Superyacht lifestyle ambassador vehicle for the city. Not just another 6x6, but a vehicle with character and purpose."

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"More information will follow soon," the company promises. Bring much money.