The 7 Best High-Performance Hybrids

Burn electrons, rubber. 

Compromises have historically been made in board rooms, not in the skunkworks. Cars built for performance, with a big engines, sticky tires and drag-inducing wings, have rarely been economical. If you wanted to get mileage, you didn’t get to put it on in a hurry – not with one of the wheezy CVTs that ushered in the hybrid age with a laborious moan. But technology changes quickly and electric no longer means that your ride can’t turn it on.

Today, a roster of performance hybrids races across the gray area between the carbon-obliterating Dodge Charger Hellcat and the prim, pigeon-toed Toyota Prius. These cars don’t frustrate at the pump or the stoplight. These are the standouts in the charged-up bunch.

Photos by BMW