A Florida Company Is Turning Chevrolet Corvettes Into Bonkers ‘JetCar’ Boats

The JetCar transforms C7 Corvettes into head-turning watercraft.


Lamborghini and Ferrari have both collaborated with leading yacht yards to craft speedboats with subtle lines and motifs inspired by their supercars. Then there’s JetCar.

The Florida-based company instead boldly modifies previous-generation C7 Chevrolet Corvettes into seafarers, delivering on its “True Luxury Meets The Water” slogan. Riva and Technohull might have something to say about that.

Nevertheless, these ‘Vette-bodied vessels are at the very least attention commanders. According to Robb Report, the buyer’s largest expense is securing a C7 Corvette shell for $30,000, which can then be finished in nearly any color, including hot pink and yellow.

For power, JetCar offers multiple jet ski-sourced options. A 180-horsepower Yamaha engine priced at $13,500 will deliver speeds of up to 56 knots (65 mph), but Sea-Doo engines offering 230 to 300 hp start from $17,500.

Like any serious sports car—or boat—buyers can also upgrade the audio system. Robb Report adds that a $3,000 Rockford Fosgate option includes pairs of eight-inch and six-inch speakers, plus a four-channel amp—plenty for the Corvette’s two-seat cabin. Other extras include an LED-lit interior, GPS tracking system and storage boxes with cupholders.

Commissioning your own JetCar costs around $50,000 after a $500 deposit and takes three weeks to build. The JetCar curious can also take a test ride in Fort Lauderdale for $350—tap here to learn more.