The AEV Prospector Backwoods Pickup Truck is a Ram on ‘Roids

Who needs roads anyway?


For the past 15 years Michigan’s AEV (American Expedition Vehicles) has been turning Jeep Wranglers into off-road demons, pushing the boundaries of 4WD design and innovation. For their latest project they’ve taken the pickup formerly known as the Dodge Ram – now just Ram – and converted it into an all-terrain Tyrannosaurus, which feels more at home in the brush than on pavement.


The new AEV Prospector Backwoods pickup begins life as a Ram 2500. Modificiations to improve off-road performance and utility include a three-inch suspension lift, 37-inch tires, bumpers, a winch, and custom wheels; several other options and upgrades are available.


The difference between AEV and other one-off customizers is that the company counts many former Chrysler employees, including engineers, in its ranks. Their vehicles are built to meet or exceed OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards and are sold through select Jeep and Ram dealers.


A bare-bones Prospector, based on the entry level Tradesman model Ram, begins at around $55,000, and prices can go uphill pretty quickly from there depending on how many gadgets and Max Max-style modifications are necessary. I mean, do you really need a snorkel? Of course you do….