This Airbus Hybrid Vertical Takeoff Plane Concept Looks Like the Future

Need a lift?

Airbus' patent-pending hybrid VTOL plane concept (Photo: YouTube)

Airbus is always thinking. Sometimes it’s coming up with newfangled seating concepts for shoe-horning more people into plane cabins or catering to the differently-sized, a.k.a fat people. Other times it’s prototyping a killer multi-million dollar VIP helicopter.

The aviation giant recently filed a patent for a hybrid electric plane with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities, thanks to at least two hub rotors on each side of the fuselage. Another propeller would give it regular horizontal cruising capabilities.

Obviously an aircraft with that kind of lift, speed and range would have amazing potential in military and medical scenarios. But we’d just as soon make it our go-to transport for getting to and from our favorite yacht. With the right flight attendants aboard, that’d be quite a tender service…

h/t: Popular Mechanics