The 'Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT' Looks Like the Future of Italian Horsepower

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Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT Concept (1)

Alfa Romeo doesn't have a true supercar in its current lineup. But if the storied marque did unleash a model that's on-par with flagship offerings from Ferrari and Lamborghini, this "Montreal Vision GT" would absolutely compete in the looks department.  

Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT Concept (2)

The striking concept comes from Modena, Italy-based digital artist Luca Serafini's page on Behance—the same artistic social media platform that's brought us creative images of a would-be Tesla pickup and this wild Dodge Demon Shooting Brake hot rod-hatchback mashup. 

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This design is a very modern reimagining of Alfa's retro Montreal coupe, which was first introduced in 1970. Serafini was inspired by his personal experiences with the vehicle. 

"Back in 1986, my father bought a shiny orange Alfa Romeo Montreal," Serafini notes. "It was all original, except the exhaust system. I remember the night he came home with the quite irregular V8. He parked it in the rear garage. The smoke was surrounding it, and the first thing I saw was the red taillights and chromed mufflers."

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"As a young boy, I can say it was the beginning of my growing love of the automotive world. Quite often I went downstairs to uncover the orange Alfa to see its reflections, lines, and shapes. Smelling the leather interior and acting like a pro driver. I loved the concave steering wheel, especially. Nowadays, it's not a unicorn – but for me it was."

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As Motor 1 reports, Serafini's concept is clearly influenced by the original Montreal, right down to Alfa's signature triangular grille, hood-mounted vents, and the dual headlights below sloped slats.


 Its silhouette and curved lines, however, are much less angled than those of many other Italian exotics. An elongated hood suggests a front-engined platform with room for a big V8 or even a V12, but Serafini didn't offer any details on powertrain. 

The Montreal Vision GT is only one of Serafini's many gorgeous designs. After basking in the multi-colored renderings above, check out more of his work via the 'grams below: 

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