Alfa Romeo Showcases Its Most Beautiful Classic Cars

Gaze upon the Italian company’s greatest automotive achievements.

Alfa 33 Stradale rear_Fotor.jpg

1968 Alfa Carabo

Alfa Romeo opened a museum outside Milan showcasing its the finest examples of the renowned Italian sports car maker’s glittering heritage back in 1976. But there was a velvet rope: visitors could see the amazing cars inside by appointment only.

No more. Now Alfa has rebuilt its showplace into a new and improved facility for displaying these incredible examples of the company’s creativity that’s open to the general public, so you can see the amazing machines up close during your next trip to Italy.

1969 Alfa Type 33/2 Speciale

La macchina del tempo – Museo storico Alfa Romeo” in Arese, a suburb of Milan, houses 69 of Alfa’s most historic creations, from its very first car in 1910 (artistically named the “24-Horsepower) to the 8C Competitzione of 2006.

1914 Alfa Aerodinamica

The museum is divided into three themed exhibition areas, “Timeline,” “Beauty,” and “Speed.” 

1955 Alfa Romeo Guiletta Spider
1955 Alfa Giulietta Spider

“Timeline” fills the museum’s entire top floor with 19 cars deemed essential to Alfa’s development, with a smart tech station that provides detailed information on each of the cars.

1965 Alfa TZ 2

“Beauty” is located on the ground floor, and it focuses on styling and the contributions of Italy’s coachbuilders to Alfa’s heritage.

1952 Alfa 1900 C52 Disco Volante

“Speed” is in the basement, where it highlights Alfa’s legendary racing history, which includes Enzo Ferrari’s start in racing with the Alfa team. The Temple of Victories singles out Alfa’s ten most critical racing successes with photos, audio and video accounts of the races.

If you’re ever in the neighborhood, do yourself a favor and check out Alfa’s most amazing automotive achievements.

1932 Alfa RL Targo Florio (left) and 1924 GP Tipo P2 (right)

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