Is The All-New Maserati Alfieri The Sexiest Concept Car We’ll See This Year?

And more importantly, do you think they’ll accept our Kia for a trade-in?

Along with Ferrari and Lamborghini, Maserati is one of those Italian supercar manufacturers whose name alone drips with sex appeal. When we had the opportunity to spend a weekend with the GranTurismo Sport last year, we couldn’t stop telling people about the Maserati we had parked right outside. (“You really should pick one up if you have the means,” we’d say.) Well, if you think the current models are gorgeous, wait till you see the brand-new Alfieri concept, which just made its world debut at the Geneva Auto Show. Details of the car – whose reveal coincides with the storied company’s 100th anniversary – are very scarce, but what we do know is that it is drop-dead, promise-the-dealership-your-first-born-child gorgeous. Check out the pics, then pray that Maserati actually puts this thing into production.