This Batman-Worthy Hydroplane Might Not Be Practical, But Damn We Love Staring At It

It's powered by a 750-horsepower Chevy big block V8.
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The sales pitch for the jet black Alpha Centauri hydroplane sounds like it was ripped straight from the brochure for the Lamborghini Huracan Performante: “It's impractical, woefully inefficient and terrifying,” Alpha Centauri’s Chris Phillips told Boat International


Of course those are the very attributes that make this speedboat so irresistible, along with its evil black pointy looks and fighter plane glass canopy.


The 750-horsepower beast is propelled by a monstrous 9.5-liter marine version of a Chevrolet big block V8 that rockets this ebony spaceship to 70 mph through a two-stage jet drive.


That's probably not fast enough for you, so fortunately there is an optional 1,000-horsepower engine, along with available heat, air conditioning and different paint colors.


But you weren't thinking of getting this one in anything but black, were you?


h/t: Designboom