This Amazing Movie Screen Mounts To The Back of Your Truck

Talk about a drive-in movie.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.06.32 AM.png

Who doesn’t love the idea of watching films on a big screen in the great outdoors? Mobile projectors can be a hassle to set up and are vulnerable to even light breezes, so the Hitch Theaters Kickstarter campaign envisions a portable movie screen that mounts into your truck’s trailer hitch for quick setup and stability.

The screen itself is available for $290, while $330 includes a rooftop projector mount that lets you watch movies on the screen while sitting in your truck’s bed. For larger audience viewing from behind the truck, SUV, van or any kind of vehicle with a hitch receiver, $365 gets you a tall projector stand for holding the projector at the appropriate height for drive-in movie-style shows.

This definitely seems like the kind of “drive-in movie” we can get behind.

Hitch Theaters rooftop projection. Photo: Hitch Theaters

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