Meet The World’s First Amphibious Lamborghini Countach

Forget off-road, this amazing supercar goes off-land.

For a paltry asking price of $27,000, a custom-built, 150-MPH, Lamborghini Countach-bodied amphibious supercar is for sale on eBay in the U.K. It even features a James Bond-worthy smoke screen system

The car is genuinely able to sail through water, thanks to a pair of propellers and rudders at the rear and wheels that retract hydraulically to minimize drag when in nautical mode.

To be clear, this Lambo clone is a fixer-upper due to neglect while stored. Someone stripped out the carpet and seats, so those need replacement and routine items like brakes and tires need to be done too. 

The car itself is a custom steel tube framed machine wearing fiberglass replica bodywork molded from a Countach 5000QV and updated to Anniversary edition appearance. Power is from a Rover V8 with a Renault R30 transaxle with a power take-off to drive the twin props.

Unsurprisingly, the ad indicates that this car cost was “horrendous” when it was built, making this a bargain opportunity. However, the British amphibious oddity is currently right-hand drive, though it has previously been converted to left-hand and could be switched back, according to the seller.

Maybe if you get it fixed up over there, you can just sail it back to the U.S.

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