Step Inside the Hardest-Partying Airstream Trailer God Ever Created

It's a fully-stocked mobile bar.
Apollo 70 Airstream

What is cooler than an Airstream trailer with its aluminum skin polished to a mirror finish? How about a mobile bar that is built into said Airstream trailer?

Apollo 70 Airstream2

That's the thinking for Apollo 70, a mobile bar for rent built into a '70s-vintage Airstream trailer.

Apollo 70 Airstream4

It has a state-of-the-art surround sound system, programmable interior lighting and a fiber-optic star ceiling.

Apollo 70 Airstream3

If you think this sounds cool, you can contact Apollo 70 to host your event. But here's the bad news: they are in England. But consider this: We have plenty of Airstreams here, so it is easy enough to build your own.

h/t: uncrate