Apple Designer Jony Ives’ Aston Martin DB4 Is a Good Sign for the Apple Car

The “iPhone” of cars is apparently going to be pretty damn sexy.
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Let’s indulge in the best kind of snobbery, Bentley snobbery. Jony Ives, Apple’s lead designer and longtime friend of Steve Jobs, shared in a New Yorkerprofile that he loves the classic, square-nosed Bentleys, and owns a black Bentley Mulsanne, the company’s current limousine flagship.

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The fact that Ives chose the classic big Bentley, rather than the more common Continental GT coupe beloved by reality-show stars and NBA wives, means the guy who will play a large part in Apple’s upcoming car project is a true automotive connoisseur. The GT is a status symbol whereas the Mulsanne is an anglophile statement of purpose about proportion and sensuality. 

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Speculations and rendering’s of Apple so-called “Titan” project point towards a miniature, battery-powered van—about as soulless and appliance-like as cars get. We don’t believe it. If Jony Ives, owner of the aforementioned Bentley and a perfect Aston Martin DB4, has his say (and he will), Apple’s car is something everyone—especially car guys—should be excited about.