Apple Designer Jony Ives’ Aston Martin DB4 Is a Good Sign for the Apple Car

The “iPhone” of cars is apparently going to be pretty damn sexy.

Let’s indulge in the best kind of snobbery, Bentley snobbery. Jony Ives, Apple’s lead designer and longtime friend of Steve Jobs, shared in a New Yorkerprofile that he loves the classic, square-nosed Bentleys, and owns a black Bentley Mulsanne, the company’s current limousine flagship.

The fact that Ives chose the classic big Bentley, rather than the more common Continental GT coupe beloved by reality-show stars and NBA wives, means the guy who will play a large part in Apple’s upcoming car project is a true automotive connoisseur. The GT is a status symbol whereas the Mulsanne is an anglophile statement of purpose about proportion and sensuality. 

Speculations and rendering’s of Apple so-called “Titan” project point towards a miniature, battery-powered van—about as soulless and appliance-like as cars get. We don’t believe it. If Jony Ives, owner of the aforementioned Bentley and a perfect Aston Martin DB4, has his say (and he will), Apple’s car is something everyone—especially car guys—should be excited about.