The Argo LX is The 8-Wheel Amphibious ATV Of Your Dreams

Meet the ATV that doubles as a badass boat.

Argo LX amphibious 8x8 ATV (Photo: Ontario Drive and Gear)

The Argo LX is our favorite new amphibious vehicle, sporting eight independently driven wheels with ultra-low pressure 25-inch tires, allowing you to cruise lakes and softly make your way back onto the beach.

The same large tread pattern that gives it traction on land act as paddles when you breach the water. Should things start to go south, this truly all terrain vehicle even has its own bilge pump.

Up to 4 MPH at sea, 25 MPH on land (Photo: Ontario Drive and Gear)
Up to 4 MPH at sea, 25 MPH on land (Photo: Ontario Drive and Gear)

In the rear, it can hold up to 900 pounds worth of passengers and supplies. And mounted up front, a 3,500-pound winch can keep you—or anyone you run across—out of trouble.

It’s certainly not the fastest boat you’ll ever captain or ATV you’ll pilot, but for about $27,000, you won’t find a vehicle that can take you and a few friends more places.

By the way, it also features dual USB outlets, so you can keep your phones charged and call your landlubbing cohorts throughout your epic land-and-sea adventures.

h/t Popular Mechanics