This Stunt-Performing, 60-MPH Beast Is The Most Badass R/C Truck You Can Buy

But can you handle it?

We've seen fast radio control machines, but the Outcast truck from ARRMA boasts incredible toughness to go with 60 mph speed for performing — and surviving — the sickest stunts.

The Outcast, available in both gray and orange, is modeled on a 1970s-vintage Ford F-Series pickup.

It is a huge, 1/8th-scale model, making it 21.26 inches long and 18.15 inches wide, so this is no Hot Wheels car. Its brushless electric motor powers the Outcast to more than 60 mph. 


A rear wheelie bar helps prevent this rocket from simply flipping over backward under hard acceleration.


Outcast's strength comes from its thick 3mm aluminum frame, which is similar to that of ARRMA's Nero, Big Rock, and Fazon models.


MSRP for the Outcast is $500, so you'll be glad it is tough enough to take a pounding if you're going to rocket an iPhone-priced toy truck around the parking lot!