5 Must-Know Facts About the Gorgeous Aston Martin Yacht

Beauty is far more than skin deep.


Photos: Quintessence

Iconic English sports car maker Aston Martin and prestigious boat builder Quintessence Yachts have collaborated on a stunning new boat called the AM37 that aims to apply the Aston design aesthetic to sea-going vehicles. (Yes, James Bond did have a car that went underwater, but that one was a Lotus, not an Aston Martin.)

“AM37 is a pure translation of the Aston Martin DNA into an entirely new maritime concept,” stated Aston chief creative officer Marek Reichman. “The powerboat reflects our values in terms of power, beauty and soul. The most important attribute for Aston Martin is the design language and proportion, we have transferred this DNA into AM37. It was important to us when considering this project to make sure that the boat design was as beautiful and timeless as our cars, the AM37 is a striking boat with fantastic proportion and elegance.”

With that in mind, there are few key items you need to know about this awesome water-borne Aston.

1. There are actually two. 

Aston will offer two distinct models, the AM37 and the AM37S. Both boats use the same 37-foot hull, but the AM37 employs either twin 370-horsepower Mercury diesels or twin 430-horsepower Mercury gasoline engines and tops out at 52 mph. The AM37S uses a pair of 520-horsepower Mercury engines that accelerate it to 58 mph.

2. Look at that windshield! 

The AM37’s wraparound one-piece windshield’s double-curvature as it bends backward side-to-side while the bottom curves forward top-to-bottom sets a new boat industry standard for complexity.

3. Push-button protection. 

The AM37’s cockpit is covered by three power-operated carbon fiber panels that retract beneath the rear deck when it is time to board. If rain threatens or the sun is scorching, there’s an electro-hydraulic folding carbon fiber roof ready to spring into action providing shade.

4. It is a true convertible. 

The AM37 converts from a conventional day cruiser to an overnight-capable cabin cruiser. Aston swears that the table-turned-into-a-bed is comfortable, and that you won’t mind using the on-board restroom. A fridge, microwave and coffee-maker will provide sustenance during your weekend afloat.

5. The dashboard is pure Aston Martin. 

The polished metal steering wheel, throttles and joystick contrast with the carbon fiber instrument panel and fine leather trim to cultivate that signature English car interior atmosphere.

But what about the very notion of Aston Martin branching out? Couldn’t the move into water vehicles leave the brand watered-down? “With this project Aston Martin, the icon of style and technological innovation, confirms its place as a top luxury brand,” stated Katia Bassi, managing director of Aston Martin Brands. “The Aston Martin Art of Living is a way of life that captures the very essence of the Aston Martin brand, and AM37 is a fine example of this philosophy.”