Aston Martin Hits The Track With Super Fast Vantage GT8

Gentlemen, start your engines.

Those intrepid insiders at Autocar magazine are reporting that Aston Martin will add a limited Vantage GT8 track-ready beast to the company’s fleet of luxury speedsters.

The GT8 will resemble the already-announced GT12 (pictured), but will pack a V8 beneath its bonnet in place of the heavier V12 in the GT12. Autocar estimates that the GT8 will accelerate to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds, making it about three-tenths quicker than a Vantage V8 in a drag race.

Substitution of lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber slashes 220 pounds from the GT12’s weight compared to the Vantage V12 S, so we can expect similar weight savings in the GT8.

The large rear wing and front splitter produce significant aerodynamic benefit for the GT, with better grip and stability at high speed, according to the company. The car’s hood, roof, front fenders and door shells are all remade in carbon fiber.

The cockpit sees similar treatment, with a carbon fiber center section in the dashboard, carbon fiber seats and Alcantara fabric throughout.

“Motorsport is in our blood at Aston Martin,” said Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer in the press release for the GT12. “The Vantage is the car we campaign in top level sports car racing around the world and so it seems only fitting that we offer an exclusive, limited edition Vantage that expertly fuses our motorsport know-how with our road car prowess.”

Autocar‘s spies say the GT8 will cost the equivalent of $243,000, with an expected production run of 150 cars for sale worldwide, so never mind that deposit you were thinking of putting on the Tesla Model 3, and place your order now.

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