WATCH: Souped-Up ATV Dominates Crazy Off-Road Obstacle Course

You gotta see this to believe it.

The latest of RJ Anderson’s ATV off-roading video series, entitled “XP1K3,” just hit the Internet, and it’s utter insanity.

Below, check out video of the professional driver saddled into a heavily modified ATV which he then uses to outright dominate an obstacle course of perilous terrain—from the rubble of old steel mills and factories to derelict train yards. In one epic gonzo moment, Anderson’s souped-up ATV charges up a dirt ramp, rockets through the steel frame of a derelict warehouse, and then soars through the air before landing on another dirt ramp.


This off-roading monster is a custom 200 horsepower Polaris RZR XP Turbo. The obstacle course it dominated took a crew of 15 over a month to put together. A 40-member crew from Mad Media, which produced the short, spent two weeks capturing every shot featured in the video.

Below, watch the other beyond-belief entries into the viral video series, entitled “XP1K” and “XP1K2,” respectively.

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