Audi Tests a Self-Driving RS7 at Hockenheim

Just when you thought the last refuge of the driving purist was a racetrack, Audi does this.

Our friends at Audi have been busy both building some of the coolest cars of the past 10 years (hello, R8!), and doing their part to suck all the fun out of driving. This past weekend, Audi eradicated the notion that autonomous cars are merely commuter appliances, sending a driverless RS 7 around the Hockenheim racetrack at speeds most human drivers will never reach.

Ahead of the final race in the DTM season, Audi’s self-driving RS 7 will take to the track carrying plenty of cameras, but no humans inside. Despite the lack of brain-bearing payload, the hot sedan will somehow tackle the circuit “with high precision and accuracy to within centimeters,” at speeds nearing 150 MPH, according to Audi. Check this one out of the dry runs.