“Awesome Hyundai” Is No Longer an Oxymoron – Just Check Out This Camaro-Killer!

The Genesis R-Spec will challenge everything you think you know about Hyundai.

Just so you guys are aware:Hyundais aren’t punch lines anymore. They’re some of the most well built, reliable, and bank-account friendly cars available today. And the Genesis R-Spec? It’s also one of the friggin’ fastest. This 429 horsepower sedan can be distinguished from lesser models by 19-inch wheels, headlamps with darkened-chrome inserts, and an R-Spec badge in the back. Just imagine the look on Camaro-bro’s face when he sees he’s been smoked by a Hyundai. 

Photo Courtesy of Hyundai Motor America

Photo Courtesy of Hyundai Motor America

Spec Check 

Price: $43,000  

Engine: 5-liter V8

Horsepower: 429  

Torque: 376 lb-ft  

0-60: 4.9 seconds 

Top Speed: 150 mph (limited)

Photos by Hyundai Motor America