This Awesome Rolls-Royce Test Mule Foretells the World’s Greatest SUV

Plus, it looks like the personal sled of the world’s coolest billionaire.

We recently called the Range Rover SVAutobiography a “Rolls-Royce 4X4,” but of course, when Rolls-Royce finally releases its own SUV, that car will supersede even the most glorious Landie as the pinnacle of through-the-woods luxury. To tide us over until the reveal, Rolls-Royce just released pics of a car that might be even cooler: a chopped-chassis, lifted, murdered-out Phantom 2 with the wing off of a GT3 racecar. 

Rolls’ press release notes the car was created to test the company’s new all-wheel drive system, and to assure that the new system can deliver a drive that is “effortless… everywhere”—so, very capable. We’re excited to see the new design, but we love the Mad Max look of this humble mule and wish Rolls would consider releasing a few as a special edition—surely some Rolls-Royce customer somewhere has the funds and need for a incognito, all-road limousine?

Photos by Rolls-Royce