This Gull-Winged 'Back To The Future' Tribute Is the Ultimate VW Bus

It comes with a flux capacitor. Seriously.
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In an alternate reality, perhaps in the deserted parking lot of Twin Pines Mall, vengeful Libyan would-be bomb-makers in their VW bus pursued Marty McFly in his DeLorean so closely that they followed him through his time portal, with the two vehicles arriving in 1955 merged into this Back to the Future tribute mashup.


It is a 1967 Volkswagen bus equipped with top-hinged "Lamborghini doors," to duplicate the style of McFly's DeLorean. And it is painted silver, to replicate the DeLorean's gleaming stainless steel body. 


And most critically, it has the panel for entering the dates for time travel and the all-important flux capacitor to generate the time portal at 88 mph.


About that: This '67 bus is still powered by a the original air-cooled 1.5-liter VW flat four-cylinder engine, so it is going to take a very steep hill to achieve the necessary velocity.


This mean machine is available for sale from Nashville's Velocity Motorcars, so ownership is not idle fantasy, so long as life has been good to you since you stopped following The Dead


That's because the price tag is $89,995. But you can easily afford that after traveling into the future to learn the winner of the next few Super Bowls ahead of time.