See the Badass Motorcycle of Your Dreams With the Help of a Custom Shop in France

These bikes are insane.

Parisian custom motorcycle designer Barbara Custom Motorcycles renders customers’ wishes into virtual reality using their computer design tools to produce lifelike illustrations of what proposed bike builds will look like before they are built.

While Barbara’s designs maintain a consistent Star Wars rode-hard-and-put-away-wet look, unlike some designers, they are brand-agnostic, with an impressive representative of many bike manufacturers.

Others, like the “Hair of the Dog” concept are pure flights of fancy not based on any manufacturer’s bike.

“Whether you are a private person or a professional motorcycle designer, Barbara will help you to visualize exactly the end state result before engaging with the preparer of your choice,” the designer explains on their Facebook page.

If this help visualizing planned designs helps get them approved, we entirely approve of the idea, because these are some great looking virtual machines.