Behold The Hertz Penske Mustang GT: The Awesomest Rental Car In History

The mighty monster is here to dominate rental car parking lots.

We have nothing against a Chevy Impala—in fact, the latest version is a pretty sweet ride—but, frankly, it’s not the most exciting vehicle to pick up at the rental car agency. Instead, we suggest getting yourself behind the wheel of the limited edition, balls-way-out Hertz Penske Mustang GT, a suped-up, specially tuned edition of America’s most iconic muscle car. 

So what do you get with the $180 per day/$800 per week beast? Besides sweet gold racing stripes, it’s got a special air intake and exhaust system, Recaro seats, a specially tuned 5-liter V8, aggressive gear ratios, and super grippyBrembo brakes. Only 150 are being made, so we suggest planning a trip (c’mon, when was the last time you visited your cousin in Pittsburgh?) and reserving a car immediately. 

Photos Courtesy of Hertz 

Photos by Hertz