The $15 Million Bell 525 Relentless Heli is Now the Coolest Chopper in the Sky

Wait till you see the absolutely insane interiors.


That $22 million Airbus H160 VIP we told you about the other day is now facing some stiff competition from another beautifully designed chopper – the Belll 525 Relentess VIP.


Frankly the Bell’s luxury interior options, with their hint of sci-fi, are superior to the Airbus’s, though there’s still time for Airbus to upgrade its offerings. 


The 525 Relentless’s 88-square-foot cabin can easily be configured to resemble something from a James Bond film. 

The $15 million Relentless is the first commercial helicopter with a fly-by-wire cockpit, featuring sidestick controls and a fully integrated touchscreen Garmin flight deck, capable of cruising at 178 mph with a range of 575 miles. 

We see a chopper showdown in the works…..

H/T: Robb Report