Watch Company Bell & Ross Has Designed a Badass New Supercar

The 197-mph AeroGT is sure to make good time.

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.10.33 AM.png

Photo: Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross is known for its incredible mechanical watches, but the company’s designer, Bruno Belamich, likes to polish his design skills by dreaming up other amazing machines too.

Following his design of the B-Rocket motorcycle concept in 2014, Belamich decided it was time to tackle a car design project: the AeroGT. The car’s name is a reference to its fighter jet influence, which contributes to details such as the car’s pitot tube poking from its right front fender just like the device on aircraft that measures air speed.

Photo: Bell & Ross

Of course, the whole thing is as much of an exercise in make-believe as those awesome sketches of supercars you drew back in study hall, but Belamich has given the AeroGT some serious thought.

Photo: Bell & Ross

For example, he proposes that the AeroGT would be powered by a 610-horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 driving the rear wheels though an eight-speed automatic transmission. Acceleration to 60 mph would take less than three seconds, and top speed would reach 197 mph, Belamich says.

Photo: Bell & Ross

“The aim was to produce a car that can ‘hold its own’, even amongst automotive professionals,” he explained. “But above all, this real challenge was a great joy.” 

We’re sure it was. Now wake up, study hall’s over.

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