Ben and Jerry’s New Ice Cream Truck Is An Electric Supercar

Elon Musk doesn’t mind a rocky road.

As the world’s most successful hippie-capitalists, cream-enthusiasts and inveterate chunketarians Ben and Jerry have always been out front on environmental issues. Their latest conservation endeavor will definitely increase their company’s lead. Vermont’s most famous lactose lovers have purchased a zero emissions ice-cream truck. More precisely, they’ve bought a fast-as-hell Tesla Model S.

Jerry Greenfield chose the best of Elon Musk’s electric supercars, a D model, with all-wheel drive, 600 horsepower and a zero-to-sixty time of 3.3 seconds. Reportedly, the car will maintain all its performance capabilities despite being outfitted with several freezers (for deliveries, of course) and a groovy paint job featuring the appeal, “Save Our Swirled!”

The purchase is another step toward the company’s plan to rely exclusively on renewable energy sources by 2020. We congratulate the company and support their green policies, which we will aid by brainstorming ideas for the inevitable Elon Musk-derived specialty flavor.

“WatermElon”? “Teslatté”? “Butterscotch Bailout”? It’s easy to get creative, but we’d advise keeping it simple. Just go with “Musk.”

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