You Won’t Believe How Much The Bentley Bentayga’s Breitling Dashboard Clock Costs

You could buy a house for the price of the world’s most expensive SUV’s optional clock.

One hundred and sixty-seven grand will get you a decent home in pro sports hotbeds like St. Louis, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Green Bay, or Buffalo. It will also nearly cover the average single-family abode in considerably more tolerable towns like New Orleans, Kansas City and Tampa.

Or, that same $167,000 will allow you to buy the optional Breitling clock in the dashboard of a Bentley Bentayga crossover SUV. That’s on top of the $229,000 base price of the Bentayga, which is already the world’s most expensive SUV. 

You may remember the analog car clock: that thing that never displayed the right time and seemed to randomly start running again after years of stasis? 

But this is no ordinary ticking dashboard gadget. The Mulliner Tourbillon by Breitling uses tourbillion, the most complex mechanical watch movement in the world, and is machined in solid gold. 

You can choose between white and rose gold, and between ebony or mother-of-pearl for the face. Whichever face material you choose, the face is fitted with eight sparkling diamonds.

Most mechanical watches automatically wind themselves using the motion of the wearer’s arm moving around during the day, but a dashboard clock doesn’t have that opportunity, so Bentley has built in a dedicated mechanical drive mechanism to periodically wind the clock’s mainspring.

Between this outrageously over-the-top car clock’s precise timekeeping and the Bentayga’s 187-mph top speed, you’ll have little excuse for tardiness when driving this extravagant SUV.

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