Bentley's All-New Continental GT Is the 207-MPH Road Warrior We've Been Waiting For

It doesn't get better than this.
New Continental GT - 37

Bentley has made good on its promise to build a production model inspired by the striking EXP 10 Speed 6 concept car with the introduction of the new Continental GT.

New Continental GT - 36

With all-new underpinnings, Bentley's new flagship coupe has finally gained the sleek proportions such a car requires, with the front wheels moved forward 5.3 inches and a lower hood and cowl.

New Continental GT - 35

Beneath that hood (or should we adopt Bentley's Brit-speak and call it a "bonnet?") is the complex 626-horsepower, 664 lb.-ft 6.0-liter W12 engine driving the rear wheels through a crisp dual-clutch paddle-shift transmission.

New Continental GT - 17

Lightweight superformed aluminum body panels feature sharply creased character lines with lighter weight that contributes to a curb weight that is reduced by 176 pounds compared to the previous model.

New Continental GT - 14

Naturally this produces better performance, so the new Continental GT launches to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and keeps going to a top speed of 207 mph.

New Continental GT - 20

The GT's dashboard showcases Bentley's solution to the dilemma of incorporating technology into a cabin when customers value tradition style. The Bentley Rotating Display is a three-sided section in the center of the dash that lets drivers choose to see the 12.3-inch touch screen LCD panel, a trio of analog gauges or a wood veneer panel.

New Continental GT - 25

There are also three choices for your accompanying soundtrack in the GT, which has a 10-speaker, 650-watt standard stereo, a 16-speaker, 1,500-watt Bang & Olufsen upgraded sound system or an ultimate 18-speaker, 2,200-watt Naim audiophile system.

New Continental GT - 16

You'll hear the sound from any of those stereos with unadulterated clarity thanks to the installation of laminated acoustic glass, which slashes exterior noise by an astounding 9 decibels.

New Continental GT - 18

That silence will make it easier to hear the sound of your heart beating with excitement in this beauty. We can't wait for a drive.

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