Bentley GT Convertible Continental ‘Number 1 Edition’ Celebrates 100 Years of Luxurious Power

Only 100 of these ultra-exclusive British droptops will be made.

Bentley Continental GT Number 1 Promo

Bentley is celebrating its centenary with 100 exclusive droptop Continental GTs that are oozing with supercar style. 

Maxim recently test drove the “base” model—an aluminum-wrapped grand tourer with a whopping twin-turbo, 6.0-liter W12 under the hood that’s good for 626 horsepower and a 207 mph top speed.

The No. 1 Bentley Blower (R) and Bentley Continental GT Convertible “Number 1 Edition”

The Continental GT Convertible “Number 1 Edition” shares its face-melting performance and power plant while honoring the fabled 1929 No. 1 Bentley Blower race car. 

A painted “Number 1” grille is complemented by an 18-carat gold fender badge, jeweled filler and oil cap. The brawny cruiser rides on 22-inch rims coated in either a “Gloss Black” or an extremely British “Cricket Ball” finish. 


More alluringly luxe elements adorn the car’s cabin. At the center of the bespoke dark wood dashboard is British Jaeger clock featuring a Number 1 face and an “Engine Spin” rotating display—another nod to wheel spinners found on vintage rides like the No. 1 Bentley Blower. 


An Alcantara-swathed steering wheel, “Beluga” black or “Cricket Ball” leather upholstery, machine-turned aluminum and more 18-carat gold accents top off the high-end interior.

If the “Dragon Red II” exterior pictured here isn’t your thing, the limited-edition luxury ride is also available in a murdered-out paint coat. 


Bentley didn’t list a price, but expect to see a significant hike over the standard GT Convertible Continental’s $326,000 ask.