The Bentley Mulsanne First Edition Is Large and In Charge

Huge interiors and insane amenities make this big British beauty a royal treat.
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What to do when even a Bentley Mulsanne is insufficiently exclusive? Upgrade with the Mulsanne First Edition, an even more uniquely and opulently outfitted limousine than the regular road-going private rail car. Thankfully, this new top-of-the-range model just debuted at the Beijing Motor Show.

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Indeed, Bentley promises to deliver a "first-class air travel experience for the road." That's thanks to nearly 10 inches of extra rear seat legroom, reclining seats, rear compartment curtains and entertainment tablets embedded the the backs of the front seats.

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But the truly unique details setting the First Edition apart from lesser Mulsannes include a Mulliner sterling silver vanity kit that is inlaid into the rear seat fold-down picnic table. Asprey of London created the set, which includes a vanity mirror, hair brush and comb, which are built in to the picnic table.

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You can't miss the other First Edition logos throughout the cabin, including on the rear seat picnic tables, door sill plates and Union Jack-inspired First Edition embroidery on the seats.

Bentley Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase (1).jpg

Of course each Mulsanne First Edition gets a specially engraved Bentley "Flying B" bonnet ornament. And no Mulsanne should be without the optional champagne cooler. The Mulsanne starts at $303,000, but the 50 First Edition models will obviously cost much more than than, though Bentley has not yet released the official price.

“The Mulsanne is the epitome of Bentley’s DNA – exquisite, individual and powerful," said Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and chief executive of Bentley Motors. "It defines luxury in the automotive world and offers the unique Bentley blend of luxury and performance.”

As if there ever was any doubt about that.

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