The Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine Is The Ultimate Luxury Ride

This 21-foot British behemoth puts standard limos to shame.

Bentley calls its opulent new limo, the Mulsanne Grand Limousine by Mulliner, the “ultimate expression of bespoke automotive luxury, craftsmanship, individualization and refinement,” and it’s hard to dispute that over-the-top assessment. 

Mulliner is Bentley’s in-house coachbuilding company for custom vehicles, sort of like Fisher Body used to be for General Motors, but with far more luxury cache. In this case, Bentley tasked Mulliner with building a state-of-the-art limo designed to transport four passengers in the rear seats in extremely satisfied comfort.

To achieve that highfalutin goal, Mulliner extended the 18-foot Mulsanne by more than three feet and raised the roof more than three inches, bringing the vehicle to near Presidential limo proportions.

We all know how exhausting it can be to wear a beautiful Breitling watch all the time, and the Mulliner experts are on the job. They’ve included a carbon fiber watch holder in the limo’s rear compartment to keep such treasured baubles secure.

Electrochromatic smart glass divides the passenger compartment from the front seats, and it dims or clears at the touch of a button. As in many top-shelf limos, there’s also an intercom for easy conversation with the driver from the back. 

Passengers might want to report to their chauffeur how nicely chilled the Champagne is in the limo’s bottle cooler, or ask if he’s seen the latest NetFlix offering being played on one of the iPads plugged into the limo’s docking stations.

It isn’t too bad in the front seats either, where you have access to the glove compartment, which is finished inside with the goal of matching the attention to detail of a custom-tailored Saville Row suit.

This luxe limo isn’t intended as a template for more to come. Instead, it is a calling card for the services available to customers who want their very own unique Bentley constructed by Mulliner. 

“The Mulsanne Grand Limousine showcases the exquisite craftsmanship of our in-house coachbuilder, Mulliner and exemplifies the way in which our experts consult with a customer to turn their vision into an extraordinary reality,” explained Wolfgang Dürheimer, chairman and CEO of Bentley Motors.

Mission accomplished.

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