This Badass Mercedes 6X6 Truck is the Ultimate Luxury Assault Vehicle

Say hello the most extreme Mercedes RV of all time.

German RV builder Hartmann Spezialkarosserien GmbH partners with interior outfitter Klaus Hünerkopf Neukirchen to convert monstrous Mercedes-Benz Zetros commercial trucks into unstoppable six-wheel drive off-road camping monsters like these trucks buiilt for wolf-hunting Mongolian businessmen.

The basic Mercedes Zetros truck uses a heavy-duty 7.2-liter inline six-cylinder diesel engine rated at 326 horsepower and a mammoth 959 lb.-ft. torque driving through a nine-speed transmission and three locking differentials.

When Hartmann installs the RV bodywork, it adds additional bracing to prevent the frame twisting that causes the hated airport shuttle bus rattle.

Then Hünerkopf fits the inside with lavish wood trim and high-tech gadgets including flat panel video screens wired to a media server and powered by a solar-charged battery pack.

If you think this marauder looks like a million bucks, well, you’d be right, because that about the price tag for something like this. The US government tends to discourage wolf hunting here, though. Take a look at these pics before you put in an order: