Boeing’s New Private Jet Is World’s Largest and Most Luxurious

PJ all day.


The $474 million Boeing BBJ 777X is without a doubt the new king of the private jet set. It will be the largest and most luxurious business jet in production, with the first aircraft slated to perform a maiden flight next year. 

With a cabin measuring 3,256 sq. ft., making it larger than many private homes, outfitting the aircraft to VIP specification will cost an additional $90–$175 million depending on exactly how much wood, leather and gold plating you require. At 253 ft. long it’s over two thirds the length of a football field, and its cabin spans neatly 20 feet across.


It can also traverse more than half the circumference of the earth non-stop, with a flight time of over 23 hours. That’s enough for straight run from the East Coast of the United States all the way to Australia (or any other two airports on Earth). A number of top interior firms eager to land a lucrative and high-profile BBJ 777X commission have already presented design concepts. 


“The BBJ 777X is the perfect match for heads of state, royal families and the ultra-wealthy,” Captain Alex Fecteau, Director of Boeing Business Jets Marketing, tells Maxim. “It exceeds VIP customers’ expectations for range, cabin space and passenger comfort. 

The BBJ 777X can fly you non-stop anywhere in the world in its bespoke 7-star hotel presidential-penthouse interior. BBJ 777X also has enough space for you, your family, and your board of directors to work, enjoy Michelin-star meals, exercise, play video games on widescreen TVs, rest, shower, and arrive fresh to your destination.” 

Boeing won’t comment on who might or might not be placing an order for one—or earmarking a cool $600 million from their country’s coffers—but even a reclusive billionaire won’t be able to resist posting an Instagram selfie on board the ultimate PJ.