Here's the Best Look Yet at the Corvette Station Wagon We're Completely Obsessed With

Now this is a hybrid we can get behind.
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We marveled when Callaway Cars announced the Corvette AeroWagen, a modified Chevy sports car with enlarged shooting brake wagon bodywork installed in place of the factory hatch. But we had to make do with some disappointing photos back then. Now, Callaway has blessed us with better shots of the hot wagon.

Take a gander at the goodies Callaway includes for the $14,990 price tag, which includes color-matching to the factory paint job and installation.


They'll happily bolt on the new hatch assembly, an upper spoiler, a halo bar, a rear spoiler and "AeroWagen" badging for your bone stock C7 Corvette or for one of Callaway's hot rod versions such as the Callaway SC627 Stingray or Grand Sport or the Callaway SCS757 Z06 Corvette.


Forget any notions of trading the minivan for this 'Vette wagon though, there are no rear seats back there with the larger cargo space, so it is still strictly a two-seater.


However, the AeroWagen does retain the stock removable roof section, so you can still open up the top of your practical hauler to let the sun and fresh air inside.


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