The BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage Is a Brutal History Lesson

Even in sickly pea green.

BMW loves painting some of its best carssnot green. Really—even high-design concepts like the 3.0 CSL Hommage the company unveiled last week at Lake Como. To pay tribute to its most famous race car from the ’70s, the bulging, be-winged 3.0 CSL (coupe, sport, lightweight), BMW whipped up this carbon fiber confection, which apes the original car’s bulldog stance, muscular haunches, and sloped nose.

In another nod to history, the Hommage uses a straight-six engine (as opposed to the i8’s hybrid set-up), though here the six is equipped with a turbocharger. The result is a butch, aerodynamically optimized, slightly sea-sick coupe that—like Chris Bangle’s original 7-series—is compelling if not beautiful.  Click through the slideshow to see the many faces of this multi-faceted sea monster. 

Photos by BMW