BMW Shows Off Amazing No-Touch Touchscreen

BMW’s AirTouch system lets drivers control dashboard functions with the wave of a hand.

BMW will reveal a new, no-touch system for controlling its dashboard infotainment system at next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  

The AirTouch system lets drivers simply wave a hand at the dashboard to control functions such as GPS navigation, audio entertainment and communications.

Sensors record hand movements in the area between the central console and the rear-view mirror and interprets them to provide the function of a touch screen without actually touching the surface of the display. Germ-phobes rejoice!

AirTouch is considered a significant upgrade over BMW’s Gesture Control that debuted at last year’s CES, which enabled a finger to adjust loudness or accept phone calls, that is available in the new 7 Series.

AirTouch boasts another cool feature that actually does involve physical contact: When a hidden button on the steering wheel lights up, drivers can confirm actions with a quick click of that button. 

Considering the relative difficulty using alternative interfaces in cars, we can only imagine what the most popular gesture may be.

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