BMW’s B7 Alpina Is a Roomy Sedan That’s Faster Than a Porsche 911

Crush your commute with this 600 hp, 193 mph executive express.

We keep hearing how a stronger core is key to improved performance, and BMW may have irrefutably proved that notion with its new 600-hp, 193-mph B7 Alpina sedan.

BMW’s latest powerful collaboration with German custom shop Alpina beefs up the “carbon core” chassis of the 750i, which provides the foundation needed to withstand the force of the pumped-up twin-turbo 4.4-liter V-8 that propels the Alpina from 0-60 in 3.6 seconds.

The supercharged sedan sticks to the road with all-wheel drive, which is backed by active steering, adjustable air suspension, and active electronic dampers. The air suspension has a 1.6-inch range of adjustment, so it can raise the car by 0.8 inches at low speeds for maneuvering into steep driveways, and lowering the car at speeds above 140 mph for aerodynamic stability.

While the Alpina’s cabin is finished in luxurious Nappa leather, the dashboard features an exclusive cutting-edge full-color LED instrument panel to convey information to the driver.

The engine’s incredible power is the result of twin turbochargers pressurizing the intake with as much as 20 psi of boost pressure. That air flows through enlarged plumbing and bigger intercoolers. Inside, the engine uses custom Mahle pistons and NGK spark plugs to withstand the fury of such boost.

The Alpina’s price has not yet been announced, but the cost of the similar 2016 B6 Alpina Gran Coupe is $123,195, though that car is powered by the puny 540-hp predecessor engine to the B7’s powerplant.

If you want that extra power, expect to cough up a bit more to experience the full force of the Alpina.

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