This Ultra-Futuristic Custom BMW Is Straight Out of a Sci-Fi Flick

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The BMW R nineT has won over the hearts of devoted bikers as a classically styled blank canvas that lends itself to customization. Renowned builder and metalworker Bernhard "Tin Man" Naumann took that notion to its truly absurd limit in creating this far-out "Giggerl." 

Even its name—which means "chicken" in southern German—has strange origins. 

“Friends mentioned that [the] bodyshell on the front was slightly reminiscent of a chicken’s head," Naumann explained. I then asked what the Bavarians had to say about this.

"It seems I have built a chicken with underarms and headlamps," he added.

BMW R nineT Concept  (11)

As BMW Motorrad notes, the crazy concept motorcycle appears to be only tangentially related to its base model.

Apart from the handlebars, handbrakes and upside-down fork, everything was crafted by the Tin Man. The frame, tank, and exhaust and are all one-of-a-kind and the blacked-out wheels have been modified for sleeker styling.

A leather-stitched saddle and combination of black, grey and blue paints finish the job. 

Take a closer look at the Giggerl in the gallery above. 

BMW R nineT Concept  (1)

h/t: Highsnobiety